Broken Hearted?

If you’re human, you have experienced loss – the loss of a loved one, a divorce, employment or health changes or any of the other 40+ kinds of loss.

While grief is the natural and normal emotional response to loss of any kind, many of us are ill-equipped to navigate it.

The good news is there is a way through.  It is never too early or too late to begin to heal your heart.

Grief is the natural, normal emotional response to loss of any kind.

Loss Takes its Toll

The pain of loss can be experienced in a variety of ways.  You might experience general exhaustion (mental and physical), feeling numb and lonely.  You may experience difficulties concentrating, changes in eating and sleeping habits, or feel like you’re on an intense emotional roller coaster.

Have you ever heard the expression “Friendly Fire?  Sometimes well-meaning people, often those closest to us, say unhelpful and hurtful things in an attempt to be supportive. I bet you’ve heard  “you have to just let go” and “move on,” but these well-meaning people don’t know exactly how you are supposed to do so.

Grief Support Services

One-on-One Grief Coaching

Grief is unique and individual. I provide you with a personalized experience in a confidential, compassionate, safe space to explore and address your loss experience at your own pace. This includes the seven sessions (approx. 1.5 hours per session) of the peer-reviewed Grief Recovery Method®, including the materials related to the course, with the personal attention of myself, a certified, skilled and experienced grief coach.

Just Need to Talk?

I get it. You’re feeling a mixed bag of emotions. You may feel like you can’t stop crying. Maybe you feel angry and scared. Or, just numb. There’s so much going on after a loss.
These single sessions might be an excellent first step to wading into those feelings. A safe conversation to be honest and unfiltered without judgement, cliche or unsolicited, well-intentioned but misinformed advice.

Community / Corporate Grief Seminars

Engaging and informative presentations about grief.  They provide solid, evidence-based information and insights concerning loss and disarm the many unhelpful myths many have about loss.

Contact me to discuss your educational goals for your community or company, and I will prepare to address your specific needs.

About me

I support folks like you with deep empathy and compassion. Drawing on my own experiences of loss, training as a Certified Grief Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute, and a decade of supporting people in a healthcare setting.

I meet you where you’re at with a heart-centred and action-based approach that will help you take steps to heal your heart. Together we’ll explore insights, ideas and specific action strategies to help you cultivate a vibrant life after loss.

I provide support to you from a trained, experienced, and, if you wish, a spacious spiritual perspective as you walk your healing journey from a death, divorce, changes in health, or any of the many different kinds of losses that can result in feelings of grief.

Now is the Time

to begin the journey towards healing your heart.

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